Have you ever felt like your website has aged? The SchoolBlocks 'drag-and-drop' and 'drag-to-resize' enables webmasters to feel like superstars. Through the elimination of multi-step content creation forms and strict design formats, SchoolBlocks offers a design paradigm that stands the test of time.

Your current GAFE/O365 solution offers all you need to manage an impressive website. We promise you will appreciate how SchoolBlocks complements these platforms to create what feels like a singular, cohsive technology infrastructure. SchoolBlocks offers Single-Sign-On (SSO), calendar, documents, and classroom integration to effectively join your website with your Google or O365 implementation.

School personnel are wary of adopting another new technology. SchoolBlocks feels like the removal of technology since it so closely adheres to your Google or O365 solution.

SchoolBlocks differentiates through two primary methodologies.

1: Dragging and resizing content blocks is quick and simple. It also beautifully conforms to tablet and mobile screensizes.

2: Removal of the rich-content creation interfaces: Now you simply integrate your word or google doc and watch it appear on your website with ADA compliance!

While it sounds simple, there is an immense amount of technology that goes into making it work correctly. For example, the text size in SchoolBlocks changes depending on where the text is placed since the system knows through natural methods if the text is for title or body purposes.